Did you know… One of the easiest ways to cut your own footprint is to wear your clothing longer between washes?

This obviously doesn’t mean wearing dirty and smelly clothes. Please, guys, this is a serious post. It is possible to wear your clothes longer without the risk of looking and smelling funny. Keep reading for some tips on how to.

But first…


  • You can save up to 26% of your clothes’ carbon emissions – According to BAM Clothing,  26% of the carbon emissions our clothes generate during their lifetime (including growing the fibre, manufacturing and transporting) comes from our washing habits.
  • You can reduce the usage of water in your home by up to 9% (this also means you save money in bills).

I hate to bring the word CAPITALISM here but, as you can see, washing your clothes is expensive for the planet and yourself, so let’s try and give our washing machine a break, shall we?

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According to my grandma, I wash my clothes too much. However, I don’t think I do. I mean, okay, in the summer, I sometimes wash my clothes after a single use, but I sweat, get my clothes dirty by laying in the grass or simply sitting on the floor. Yes, like a kid.

On the other hand, in the winter, I rarely wash them – if they are not stained – as I don’t sweat so they smell perfectly fine.

For those who are used to washing your clothes after every use, I have a few tips to keep them cleaner for longer.

  • Wear an old T-shirt underneath: I do this in the winter when it’s cold. Not only this keeps you warm but also absorbs the sweat before it stains your top, especially if it is a delicate item, like a silk shirt.
  • Choose natural fabrics: The reason our clothes start to smell is because of the reaction air has with the moisture of sweat. This creates the bacteria that causes the bad smell. With synthetic fabrics, the sweat sits on the fabric instead of being absorbed, so the air (and bacteria) get to it causing a bad smell. On the contrary, natural fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo absorb the moisture of the sweat, avoiding bad smells. Bamboo is much more absorbent than organic cotton thanks to its complex fibre structure, which reduces bacteria-caused odours, so it’s one of the best fabrics for activewear.
  • Air- dry your clothes: Before washing them, if they smell a bit but don’t have sweat stains, you can try to air dry them. If you definitely have to wash them, hang your clothes instead of using a tumble dryer. For white clothes, hang them outside in the sun – or in front of the window if you don’t have a garden- as it will whiten them more (it might work with light stains as well).
  • Use essential oils: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the detergent or on a cloth inside the washing machine for a nice smell. Some oils, like Tea tree oil, have antibacterial properties. 
  • Hand- wash your delicate garments: To extend the life of your most delicate clothes, wash them by hand. To save water, you put all your clothes in a tub and wash them together (rinse them separately).
  • Use a good deodorant: A good deodorant can change your clothes’ life and yours. I am still on the search for the most suitable *natural* deodorant for me. Tip- if you don’t sweat much, maybe using no deodorant can be the best option for you. I find that, sometimes, I smell better after a day of not using deodorant than when I use it.
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*This post is sponsored by BAM Clothing and it’s part of their  #DareToWearLonger campaign.